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38 BR - Time stands still…

The countdown has been taking a hit lately, mainly a result of me listening to rumors. On the last post the countdown barely moved at all because I heard a rumor that the Ritz would be opening on Oct. 17. I heard this rumor from a couple of sources, plus was shown an internal calendar with plenty of evidence the programming team has been working on a Ritz schedule. So I decided to ask Tim if an opening day had been decided. He told me that we wouldn't be opening on Oct. 17, but we would be opening before Halloween. He also said that he plans to announce an opening day after Fantastic Fest. Exactly when after Fantastic Fest, he did not elaborate. But keep your eyes and ears to the ground. Meanwhile, I have to defend my countdown to the Ritz's ever chipper site manager. Subjected to his ribbing the last time I saw him, he essentially characterized my countdown as an exercise in futility as I would have to constantly change the countdown.

As for the Ritz schedule, I can't divulge any specifics as everything is pretty much in limbo without a firm opening day. But it is clear from what I've seen that the spirit of downtown will be very much alive. And as for the grand opening, Tim was able to give me one little nugget: "We haven't decided on everything that is going to be part of the opening night festivities, but I can divulge that the "food" event for opening night is going to be MATANGO: ATTACK OF THE MUSHROOM PEOPLE with a 5 course mushroom feast."

Leaving the land of speculation and rumor and into hard and cold fact, we enter the lobby of the Ritz. So much has taken shape in that space, it is getting really exciting because we are beginning to see some of the design ideas that will make it a most distinctive Alamo lobby: Both the bar area and Mondo Tees storefront are taking shape, sporting arches. And as it is now, the stairs up from the lobby have this kind of Clone Trooper visor thing going. I don't know, you tell me:

Oh, and for the Hoek's Pizza fans in the house, I don't mean to stoke the flames, but the last remnants of that pizza window are gone:

Check out the photo set for more info and pics.

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