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2 BR - Words escape me

I don't even know where to start anymore. Everything is so close, it is crazy. The kitchen is really coming together and today folks were in there preparing the place to really start cooking and serving. I haven't seen food come through the doors yet, but that may be because I just haven't been there at the right time. But we've got beer, soda and water and all sorts of staff were getting cooking, serving and eating gear all squared away.

The lobby is also coming along quite nicely with the addition of a couple of Davey Crockett busts "guarding" the entrance to the theaters. I neglected to walk into the restrooms. But folks were working quite diligently in theater one putting the finishing touches on the tables.

In other big news, the screen will be going up in theater one tonight. I'm going to be heading back there to help out in a little while. Hopefully I'll be able to catch the screen going up.

Check out the 2 BR photos for more.

UPDATE: If you're into moving images (and something tells me you are), check out the Alamo Ritz's own Barkeep Mike Lucas' blog for video footage of the place. Point your browsers to to satisfy your desire. He succeeded in getting footage of the screen installation in theater one which I failed to get.

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