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25 Years Later, BLUE VELVET is still a shocking masterpiece of seedy suburban sin

For the 25th Anniversary of David Lynch's BLUE VELVET, we're showing an archival 35mm print and putting PBR on special.

25 Years Later, BLUE VELVET is still a shocking masterpiece of seedy suburban sin

There isn’t enough space on this planet to write about all of the brilliance that is David Lynch’s BLUE VELVET.  It is overwhelming. 

Take a deep breath.  Remember TWIN PEAKS?  Of course.  Take star Kyle MacLachlan, reverse age him three years, and put him in a movie about suburban nightmares.  Got it?

HE PUTS HIS DISEASE INSIDE OF ISABELLA ROSSELLINI IN THIS MOVIE!  Do you know about this?  The daughter of filmmaking legend Roberto Rossellini is a naked, bursting maniac in this film, presenting what is perhaps the finest performance to have ever graced a frame of a David Lynch movie.

And her love interest/captor: this semi-obscure actor named Dennis Hopper churns out one of the screen’s greatest villains in Frank Booth.  His Wikipedia page describes him as a “violent psychopath with a taste for torture and rape.”  And that’s just his Wikipedia page.   He’s the meanest, most profane gas huffer the world has ever known.  And the world loves him for it.

In honor of Frank Booth, we’re going to stock some extra Pabst Blue Ribbon (the only beer he will drink) and put it on special at every screening of the film.

Do not miss your chance to see this classic film in 35mm on the big Ritz screen.  BLUE VELVET plays August 8, 9, and 14th at the Ritz.  Attend or be shamed!

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