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2007 Rolling Roadshow Tour: Lost Boys in Santa Cruz

My Lost Boys Roadshow experience actually began on Monday the 23rd, two full days before the show was to go on. I was in Austin watching Transformers with my girlfriend when I got a phone call from Chance, he was driving the truck and, because of a generator emergency, would be in Santa Cruz in a few hours. Unfortunately I would not be there until the next day. So Chance’s first night in Santa Cruz was spent sleeping in the cab of the truck.

I met up with the rest of the crew on Tuesday. We scouted the location at the Boardwalk and also the cave where the after party would be. As Tim put it, this would be where the VIP-VIP after party would be. Then, after watching Tim do a dress rehearsal of his pie eating technique for the contest in Brownsville, OR, we all hit the sheets for some much needed shuteye in preparation for the setup on Wednesday.

Alamo alum Christi and I arrived at the beach around 9:30am, just as they were beginning to tow the RRS truck across the beach to the screening location. Well, perhaps “tow” is a bit too generous of a word. It was more like the truck was dragged to the location. It was a bit hairy there for a while, especially when it became obvious that one tractor could not pull the fully loaded truck by itself. Instead, another tractor had to push while the bigger one pulled. Check out the video below.

We then rapidly got situated by setting up the screen and aligning the truck. As Tim and I were sinking the stakes into the sand, he said to me, “It’s nice to know we can do this on the beach.” I quickly ran through my mental Rolodex of previous RRS locations and replied, “Tim, apparently we can do this anywhere.” And while the sand did prove challenging to deal with, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had envisioned. Though I’m sure the crew will be dealing with this sand for the rest of the tour.

By the time we had finished setting up it was around 1 pm and folks were already taking their seats in front of the screen. We had about four hours of free time and used that for a little R&R. We returned to the location at around 5pm, did some last minute setup, had a little panic over the print and then at about 9:30 The Lost Boys hit the screen to a thunderous cheer as the Boardwalk filled the fame.

As Zack mentioned in a previous post, there were approximately 3,000 people at this screening. It was by far the biggest crowd I have ever seen at a Roadshow event which made it especially exciting while the Boardwalk provided a fantastic backdrop. Tim and I were running around with our cameras, so be sure to check out our pics.

Alamo Surf and Turf pt 1
Alamo Surf and Turf pt 2
Alamo Surf and Turf pt 3

My unofficial Rolling Roadshow Flickr set

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