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2007 Rolling Roadshow Tour: Day #1

We've been planning for today for the past 4 months, and it was very strange to stop on a dime, load up the Roadshow caravan fleet and officially be out on the road. We have a much smaller crew this year than last year (6 instead of 10 folks) which I think will be a much less chaotic group dynamic experience.

We met at the theater at 9 AM this morning with the Fandango scavenger hunt teams and Brian Cesack and Chuck Bush, stars from the movie. After a celebratory champagne toast and a few last minute packing mishaps, we hit the trail for San Elizario, first stop on the 2007 Rolling Roadshow Tour. These guys were the hardcore Fandango fans, the types of folks that I really like to have out at screenings. One couple flew in from the UK, another team had matching homemade Fandango T-shirts and a third group had actually made their own Fandango refrigerator magnets. They are going to spend the next 36 hours skydiving, trespassing and generally wreaking havoc through west Texas as they vie to become the champs of the ultimate Fandango Scavenger Hunt. Winner gets a bottle of Dom Perignon and some serious bragging rights.

I'm currently sitting in the parking lot of the Flying J Truck Stop typing up my thoughts, which granted aren't all that tremendously interesting. Our motel for the night is the only hotel in San Elizario, the Cotton Valley Inn, where there isn't a WIFI signal within a 10 mile radius. We ate at their restaurant called the Bol Weevil Cafe. Too freakin' great of a name, we had to support.

I'll be checking in regularly from the road. Tomorrow, I will have photos from all of the scavenger hunt teams, who frankly have been asked to do a lot of really unwise things, which should make for some really interesting photos, perhaps some of those being mugshots. For the record, the Alamo assumes no liability for any wrongdoing on the part of the teams.

We'll check back in later when there is more to report than road fatigue from the I-10 straight shot to El Paso.

More info on the Rolling Roadshow Tour
Dewar's White Label: sponsor of the tour's various after-parties (we're rolling with 50 liters, which may also prove to be a factor in future posts.

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