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18 BR- Seats in the house.

I've got a couple of big events to mention this week. For one, the chairs arrived. It is mostly symbolic, yes, as these chairs will be among the last things to be installed into the theaters. But they are there, close to 300 of 'em, in boxes, stacked neatly at the mezzanine level in theater one.

Tim also told me some news that is a little unsettling. Apparently one of our neighbors, the Shakespeare Pub, has a back yard of some sort where they have live music. According to Tim, this music makes its way into the theater rather easily. When I asked him how bad it was, he said, "Pretty bad." The plan now is to build a sound wall along the entire west wall of the theater. Nobody, least of all Tim, wants a repeat of the sound bleed problems we had back at the old downtown theater. Let's hope that one, solidly built wall is enough to insulate us from the world outside.

As for other smaller, but no less important, updates: While I was at the theater on Friday, workers were moving in the gear for screen masking. The Alamo's very own tech guru Andrew was hanging around the place waiting for Cliff, the gentleman responsible for much of the maintenance of our downtown projection equipment. When I left, the both of them were all over the theater talking about this and that (I didn't hear what they were talking about, but it was projection related, I can assure you). Also, we pretty much have permanent lighting throughout the theater, which is nice for photo taking. Also, the ceiling in theater one is very nice and black, painted completely from screen to projection booth. And construction workers were up to something in theater two that was creating a hell of a lot of dust. I never did get a clear look at what it was they were up to in there.

On my way out of the Ritz I ran into Mike, Alamo Drafthouse COO. We chatted a bit about how close we are getting to being done. Which reminds me: In that post below, Tim said that on Monday we should "expect an official announcement" concerning the opening of the Ritz.

More pics: Alamo @ The Ritz set 4

UPDATE: I just talked to Andrew and he said that projection booth installation will be starting this week, with pre-installation prep work commencing tomorrow (Monday). Since, in all honesty, that is the part of this whole process I've been looking forward to, I will be visiting the theater multiple times a week to take photos of the progress (lately I've only been going there once, maybe twice a week). So check my Flickr set frequently for updates (assuming you are as much a tech geek as I am).

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