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165 BR – The sweet smell of PVC glue

When I walked into the Ritz on Friday afternoon, I was almost floored by the smell of the PVC glue used for new pipes installed for drains and other plumbing. I swear I got high off the stuff.

Anyway, the first thought that hit me as I was taking my first photo was that I slept through the arrival of the grease trap. I was disappointed in myself for a moment, until I looked around the corner and saw a big empty hole. I asked where the grease trap was and, after a shrug, was told that concrete was pouring on Monday. Yes, it appears we’re a little behind schedule. That isn’t helped by the fact that I overheard someone (I honestly can’t remember who) say the word “September” in reference to the opening of the Ritz. That, of course, is merely overheard speculation from an unidentifiable source. Forgive me for engaging in Fox News style “journalism.”

Anyway, as you can see from these shots, things are progressing. Rebar is down for everything concrete (except for where the grease trap is going). They’ve also put up cool new work lights that give the place a kind of festive feel.

I also had a sit down with Alamo tech guru Andrew McEathron who gave me a detailed virtual tour through the theater. He took me through the blueprints and we talked about pretty much every nook and cranny of the place. Much of the information is not ready for release because the plans seem to change weekly, but the closer we get to actual theater construction, the more info I will be able to give. And, really, the only thing of importance right now is getting that concrete down.

Speaking of which, Daniel told me that the concrete had to be “tested” before it could be poured. While I hadn’t thought of that, it certainly makes sense. But I automatically envisioned a guy sticking his index finger in a vat of wet concrete, licking it, then saying, “Needs more limestone.”

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Ritz is going to have three floors? First floor will hold the lobby and kitchen, the second floor (a.k.a. the mezzanine) will be for customer access to the theaters and the third floor is where the projection booth will be.

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