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143 BR - Steel is Next.

Take a look at my Flickr set and you will notice three things: 1) That back section of roof is completely gone. 2) The elevator shaft is completely built . And 3) The concrete floor is completely poured.

Now, what you can't see from the current set is that steel has arrived (it got there on Friday) and the builders are currently in the process of constructing the interior steel structures. Separately, both Tim and Daniel told me that once that steel is in place, things are really going to speed up.

Another interesting thing happened yesterday, as a matter of fact. As you may or may not know, Austin Mayor Will Wynn gave a lecture on global warming at the Alamo Downtown. I chatted with Tim right before the Mayor's lecture and he looked a little nervous. "I'm meeting with the Mayor after this show," he told me. I'm not privy to the exact subject of their discussion, but I know it involved utilities and the Ritz. I walked through the lobby at one point as the two were meeting and thought I overheard an encouraging remark from the Mayor ("encouraging" in the sense that it might be a good thing for the Ritz). Sorry I wasn't a better fly on the wall, but I was on the clock and figured that I probably shouldn't have feigned playing a video game right next to them so as to eavesdrop.

On another note, before this meeting Tim told me they weren't exactly where he had hoped they would be in the building process. He had planned on the steel being done by this coming Tuesday, but apparently that isn't going to happen. If seeing the two cutting a hole in the ceiling last week is any indication, perhaps we'll see Tim and Daniel hauling steel girders next week; One of the reasons they cut that hole themselves was in order to speed up the construction of the elevator shaft.

Fun fact: You've seen the elevator that we have downtown, right (picture to the left)? Well, it seems the service elevator at the Ritz is going to be more like the real deal, with a sliding door and (maybe) lights that indicate what floor it is on! It will have three stops (lobby, mezzanine, and projection booth). You may be wondering why I'm excited about a new elevator. Well, if you've ever had the pleasure of cranking someone up who got stuck in the downtown elevator, you'd understand. In fact, there was one guy who used to come regularly to music Monday and, wouldn't you know, every single time he'd take that elevator up, it would break down on him. I haven't seen him in a long time, but I'm sure he's gonna be as excited about that new elevator as I am.

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