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13 BR - You gotta see it to believe it

Remember when I said there was a lot going on at the Ritz, but you couldn't really tell because it wasn't major construction? Well, things are VERY different now. Pretty much all of the work going on inside the theater is big, big, big news and the kind of stuff you can see. How about gear in the kitchen? How about three rows of seats in Theater 2? How about a SCREEN in theater 2? That sound wall? It's done. Tim, Karrie, Andrew and Daniel seem to have gone into overdrive with a cadre of Alamo staffers pitching in during the final countdown (you did hear the song in your head, right?).

Keep checking back frequently as I'm visiting the theater daily. I'm trying to update the Alamo Flickr set daily as well. And over there, I am creating countdown sets. You'll recognize them when you see them. Here's the link to my Alamo collection.

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