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116 BR- What a difference a week makes

So I missed making my post last week. I’d go ahead and say I was too busy, and while that might be partially true, it’s not like this blog takes a whole hell of a lot of time to get written (‘tis true!). I also hadn’t been out to the Ritz in a week until this past Friday and, holy hell, a lot has been done. Check out the photoset if you don’t believe me. Things have progressed by leaps and bounds. In fact, I think we’re just about ready to show movies in theater 2. That’s if you don’t mind sitting on plywood. And perhaps having a drip or two of water landing on your head.

Which brings me to what’s causing some slowdown. Not only are our roofers finding problems with the roof (there was one nicely rotted section that had to be repaired), but the rain is pointing out all sorts of leaks in the original roofing. I guess, in the long run, that’s a good thing because it would suck to open the place and then have a leak spring up in the middle of the theater (ah downtown, we’ll miss thee). But all this rain has been seriously slowing down work to finish the roof, all the while making the inside of the Ritz a soggy mess. It appears this may be the worst summer yet for construction. Basically, since the roof went up over theater 1, there hasn’t been any progress inside that space except as a staging area for other construction work.

But that shouldn’t detract from what’s going on in the front area of the Ritz. As you can tell from the photos, pretty much all the kitchen wall structures are built. There’s even some pluming and electrical work done in there. Also, the service stairs which lead to the service staging area, office (both 2nd floor), projection booth and balcony (both 3rd floor) have been fabricated and installed. Robert Jenkins from Bill Jett Fabrication was nice enough to let me climb the stairs to the third floor where I got some awesome shots of that level and theater 2 which has some sub-flooring installed.

Check it all out in the Ritz Flickr set.
Also check out my Last Night photos in the DT set if you feel so inclined.

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