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10 BR

Let's see. Oh yeah, we open in 10 days.

The lobby and stair walls and ceilings have been textured and painted. I saw today that they were doing the texturing in the bathrooms. The kitchen looks like all the equipment is where it needs to be. There's still work going on in there, though I'm not sure exactly what they're doing as it seems to be taking place above the ceiling tiles.

Theater two is done except for carpet (1/2 walls and steps), motors for the masking and the back row of seats/tables. Everything else in there is done! Theater one still has a ways to go. Most of the prep work for wall material is done, but the bigger stuff (chairs/screen) still needs to be done. In the booth, the pedestals for the projectors for theater 2 have been built and the sound racks are in place. According to Andrew, most of the booth is going to be last minute. One reason for this is because of the dusty conditions of the work area. By tomorrow the booth should be pretty much sealed off from the rest of the theater. That will make for more favorable conditions for sensitive electronic equipment.

Check the sets for more photos!

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