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108 BR - The closer we get…

The roof is done. Tim said so. That's another thing out of the way.

I met up with Tim and Daniel at the Ritz on Saturday afternoon and we talked about the project. You have to understand, and I know I've said this before, but things are really moving along quickly. Tim told me that he is much more pleased with the progress now and how things are moving along than he was a month ago. So let's talk about what's been accomplished over the last week.

Well, first off, concrete was poured into theater 2 on Friday. Tim and Daniel were in there on a Saturday to work on laying down the subflooring at a pace that keeps up with the building of the risers in Theater 1. Tim hopes that the 2nd floor concrete can be poured some time this week. But the next big project is getting those risers in Theater 1 built and, as you can see from the pics, a few have already been done.

Meanwhile, the kitchen and lobby areas continue to develop. Quite a bit of electrical, plumbing, and air conditioning duct work has been done in there. But there is still much to do in those areas before sheetrock can be put up. Meanwhile, work on interior wall structures continues to progress at an alarming rate. I forgot to ask them, but I'm pretty sure the lobby and kitchen areas are done in this regard. I've noticed that the bathroom walls have not yet been built, though.

Speaking of the lobby, Tim told me about some developments in terms of plans for the lobby decor. It seems it is going to be somewhat of a Ritz history museum. "We are going to have regions in the lobby and the stairs where we display photos, posters, and "memories" of the phases of operation of the Ritz," he said. "There will be old photographs, ads and vintage movie posters of films that have played at the Ritz." The idea is to have different periods of time be represented: "We'll have photos from the metal years, photos from the punk years, and photos and posters from the Jim Franklin days in 1974," Tim said.

And if that's not enough, Tim is commited to recreating as much of the atmosphere from the Downtown theater that made it "feel comfy and right." A part of that job has been tasked to Lars and Zach who will be in charge of curating and regularly rotating some of the Original Alamo's own vintage posters in the new lobby.

The next big question though is my countdown. While one month and 9 days is a very optimistic target, just looking at how much needs to be done, I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen. I don't think anyone is surprised that my projection wasn't accurate. The only question is how much time to add. Anything I do add is just going to be another shot in the dark anyway. I dunno. Maybe I'll do that next week.

The third Ritz Flickr set has what you need! (photographically speaking, that is)

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