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0 - Putting on the Ritz

Well, it happened. It certainly did. I saw it! We opened the place and people came and they ate and they had a good time. I did too, and I even found the time to take some pictures. Sorry I didn't post them earlier, but it has been a busy couple of days.

I think Lars's post right below this one pretty much sums up the evening, so read it why don't ya. But there is still A LOT that needs to be accomplished before this place is "fully operational." Ninety percent of this work needs to take place in the projection booth. You might not believe me if I told you, but on opening night, only one of our three projectors were in working order. But by gum, we pulled it off. (If you were there and saw "War of the Gargantuas" go out of frame, I apologize for not catching it sooner).

So we're open now. Finishing touches will continue and so will my documentation of them. Don't know how much I'll be making note of it on this blog though, so be sure to check the Alamo Drafthouse collection on my Flickr page for the latest. But then again, you can now just go there and see for yourself.

I had a blast documenting this project and am grateful to work for the best damned theater on the face of the planet.

Photos of Day 0 are HERE.

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