How Things Work

Seating in every Alamo location is similar to that found in traditional theaters - chairs are lined up in even rows, with each seat angled toward the screen for the optimum viewing angle. In front of the seats there's a long, narrow table that runs the length of the row.

Our service model is deliberately low tech, and it's designed to be as unobtrusive as possible so that the process of getting your beer delivered to your seat doesn't needlessly distract you from the film you're about to enjoy. We recommend arriving at the theater early not just to ensure that you get the seat of your choice and enjoy our custom-made preshow, but also so you can browse through our menu while the lights in the auditorium are still on.

As you make  your selections, you simply write down your order using the paper and pen provided on the table in front of you. During the preshow, your waiter will greet you, go over your order, and make sure there isn't anything else you need before the movie starts. During the feature you're free to order as often as you like by simply writing down another order (most locations offer dim lighting under the tables to help you see what you're scribbling) and then standing it up in the clip at the front of the table.

That paper then acts like a flag to get your waiter's attention.  He'll then crouch down past everyone else and grab your order with the speed and agility of a trained ninja. Your order will be whisked out of the theater and transferred to the bar or kitchen, and your ninja waiter will sneak it back into you as soon as your items are ready.

About a half hour before the end of the show,  your waiter will drop off the check. If you leave cash or a credit card on the bill promptly, you'll have your change or receipts ready for you by the time the credits are rolling so you can head out into the night and start debating the merits of the film you just watched. And if you pay but then realize you forgot to get some molten chocolate cake, no worries - just write another order down and raise a flag. As long as the kitchen is still open, your waiter will bring your dessert to you as fast as is humanly possible. If you enjoy your service, feel free to tip our hard working staff!